Tool Box Diet

A diet is something you start and stop, a healthy lifestyle is a choice….

Who do u want to be? Tool box diet

Everyday we come to a fork in the road, where are you headed? Are you going in the right direction?

Its the struggle that gives you your strength….

He that never eats too much, will never be lazy - Benjamin Franklin Ok almost done reading Poor Richards Almanack, great little book Tool Box diet

Happy First Day of spring - Cold, Rainy and windy here in LA

Here is one of my favorite diet tips - Finish what you started! Tool Box Diet - a better way to live.

nikeplus One of the best tools in my Tool Box Diet

Need motivation? I get motivated by watching others jogging. When I see someone running out of breath & sweating, wow, I just want to GO! It Motivates ME..

Death takes no bribes! Poor Richard’s Almanack - Benjamin Franklin Tool Box Diet